Feria Hábitat Valencia 2015

Feria Habitat Valencia

Feria Habitat Valencia closed their 2015 Edition with a successful attendance, judging from its figures.  The number of visitors remained nearly the same than last year, achieving 24,712 people. However, there was a change in trend. The difference lies in the fact that most companies decided to attend the Fair with less commercial staff than in 2014. Nevertheless, their agenda was planned more effectively and the number of appointments previously agreed was higher than last year. Consequently, according to the organization, the number of visitors holds similar values because the number of companies involved increased.

The prestige and elegance of the presented products, remain the hallmarks of the brands. Valencia is currently a vital appointment  for national and international buyers, as it was evidenced by the continuous visits received by the  exhibitors. Valencia managed, once more, to gather the best professional people link to the furniture sector.

It is necessary to congratulate all visitor companies for the good quality of their offers. Also, the effort of the organization to provide leisure and cultural activities to promote Valencia’s image during the Trade Fair, should also be remarked.

With such positive results, the expectations for 2016 remain really promising.